I Am Depression, Hear My Cry

I am depression, hear my cry.

I am the voice inside that tells you how worthless you are and how you will never amount to anything.
I am the reflection in the mirror that tells you how fat and ugly you are and that nobody will ever love you.
I am the knife that tears at your heart from the inside, leaving wounds that may never heal and scars that hide the innocence you once knew.
I am the war that constantly rages inside you--never allowing you peace and always forcing you to imagine the worst in every situation--in every person you meet.
I am the part of you that pushes away the people who love and care about you because you are not worthy of love--you are not worthy of someone who cares.
I am the piece of your soul that forces you to stop caring--to stop caring about everyone and everything that once brought you joy.
I am the words that you are dying to say--but nobody wants to hear.
I am the cries that nobody believes--the cries that are ignored and stifled by people who tell you to just be happy and to get over it and to stop being so dramatic.
I am the reason why everyone disappears--because nobody wants to be around someone who is always so sad and angry.
I am the reason why people stop asking how you're doing--because they know before you even say a word, and because they don't want to know.
I am the eyes that were once so full of life--the eyes that can no longer hide how hopeless and lifeless and empty you feel inside.
I am the blade that pierces your skin and the poison that ravages your body when you reach that moment of utter darkness and despair--that moment when you would give anything just to feel something again.
I am all that is left after you are gone.
I am the reason why they say you were selfish for leaving them all alone.
I am the reason why they blame you for not trying--for not fighting harder.
I am the secret they say you never shared.
I am the cries for help they say they never heard.
I am the reason why you're gone.
I am depression.
Nobody heard my cry.

I am a person who struggles with mental illness--a person who is asking for help to find joy in life again.
I am a person who carries the burden of living on her shoulders every day and views life as a messenger of an insurmountable amount of loss, grief, and pain.
I am a person who tries to live and love with a heart that has been broken into a million pieces.
I am a person who feels she has become a burden to the people she has leaned on for support.
I am a person whose eyes people refuse to meet--because she is known as the thief of people's joy.
I am a person who knows the pain of wanting to die every day that she lives.
I am a person who fights a never-ending battle with herself--a person who struggles just to get through each day.
I am a person who is drowning and struggling to stay above water--a person who needs help.
I am a person who is screaming for someone to listen and pleading for someone to believe that she really is hurting even more than she lets anyone know.
I am a person who is willing to fight, but knows that she can't do it alone.
I am a person who is pleading with you to not turn away--to not ignore her pain because it's too hard or because it makes you feel uncomfortable.
I am a person who has so much to live for, but needs someone to help her see--someone to remind her of the beauty in living.
I am a person who needs to be reminded that there is hope and that there is promise in the future.
I am a person who is more than her mental illness--a person with so much to offer the world.
I am a person who is asking you to fight with her and to not shy away from the conversation.
I am a person who is asking you to take her hand and walk this journey with her--to see her as whole, and not broken.
I am a person who is strong and brave and capable of amazing things--a person whose life is worth fighting for.

I am a person who suffers from depression, and this is my battle cry.


Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-DONTCUT for the S.A.F.E. Alternatives hotline.