I Am Done. A TV/Film Writer/Producer Drops Out of the Race

Today I formerly announce my independence of anything that has to do with national politics.
I will no longer watch CNN when the blathering turns to politics for this one simple reason:
Why? Because they are feeding and stoking the branding machine that we are all buying into as some form of news or even truth.
Donald Trump is no different than Howard Stern: he's giving voice to the idiots and bottom feeders who love having someone talk exactly as they think.
Trump, like Stern before him, believes in not one word about anything that he is saying. Why is he doing it? Because he's a bigger brand than ever, no different than Coke or Viagra.
And all the other buffoons who are running for the GOP nomination? You now know ALL of their names. It's what made Sarah Palin, Sarah Plain THE BRAND.
They have made names for themselves literally and anyone who takes any of this seriously is a fucking idiot.
And as for the democrats, Hillary long ago had my vote and always will.
Sixteen years of experience inside the white house is enough for this guy. Plus anyone who can take 11 hours of interrogation without her panties going into a bunch is a hero to me.
I don't give a fuck if she's a good or even nice person. I'm sure, like most of us, she has all sides.
LBJ was both feared and respected---he knew how to play the game and that's what I want for a president.
And don't fool yourself with Bernie Saunders. Don't you think the Koch Brothers are funneling money into his coffers in order to kill Hillary's chances?
We just went through 8 years of white men treating your president like n*gger president (even calling him "Obama"). The treatment of him has been a national disgrace. And with it has gone the appreciation for science and natural law and education because he was a scholar.
The white boys club of America does not represent America. We are a country of mutts now and I would rather watch Mutts See TV than any of these "news" shows that make it look like any one of these candidates means a thing.
If you watch you are the perfect lemming. The perfect tool. You are being used. Manipulated. Lied to.
We live an endless illusion that is fed by endless illusion. When someone famous dies you mourn for them as if they were your brother or parent when in fact they were always nothing more than a stranger.
Images of power are projected onto the walls of America just like in the now legendary commercial in 1984 for Apple Computers.
I suggest you look for truth elsewhere. You want to believe in your chosen faith? Knock yourself out.
But my faith is no longer in the news on any level. I want nothing to do with this parade of insult, indecency and insanity.
Just like in the film Network we are being scammed into watching "reality" when in fact there is none. None.
So leave me out of it. I am done. I will not watch their shows or buy their products. I will make self educated choices and let my empathy and compassion be my guide.
I want real. Not the one you want for me.