I Am Done With My Own Nonsense


The definition of change is to reshape, transform or evolve. I think women our age tend to be satisfied with their lives. Feeling satisfied with the life you live is powerful because it means that you feel good about you.

When you feel good about yourself after fifty or sixty or seventy, it becomes easier to get out of a rut or tweak your lifestyle.

Remember: You do not want to make changes in your life out of defiance. You want to make changes in your life after an awakening.

What was my awakening? I am done with my own nonsense.

The lifestyle I led was full of ongoing action. Just imagine a hummingbird hovering over a flower filled with delicious nectar, while its wings flutter a mile a minute. That hummingbird was me.

Little by little I have slowed down my 'wings' and channeled my energy into a new direction that fulfills me.

I have established a new relationship with silence. And I am very happy, thank you. This does not mean that my social interactions are not strong, rather they have been redefined.

I have always loved the silence of the night and now... I love the silence of the day.

I am more charged up than ever before. My new life is invigorating and I am happy because I am fulfilling my wishes. I have redefined my needs.

And you can, too, if you feel the need. Dear readers, be done with your own nonsense.

"Silence is a friend that never betrays." - Confucius