You Are Every Woman

"I am a woman in progress, I'm just like everyone else. I try to take every conflict, every experience and learn from it." - Oprah Winfrey

2016-03-08-1457448297-56103-1098419_399847320121721_913039175_n.jpg Photo by Victor Cucart

As we celebrate international women's day, and I am beyond thrilled to be honored as Entrepreneur of The Year in a few days, let us be reminded that indeed, we are all women in progress.

The Ubuntu philosophy says, "I am because you are". Indeed, we create each other, are a part of each other,and must sustain this dynamic because we belong together !


Remember "I am every woman" by singer Chaka Khan ?

As women we are daughters, granddaughters, sisters, wives, mothers, friends and so much more! While we have the amazing ability to juggle and adapt to each role, we tend to stretch ourselves way too thin.


There was a point in my life when I had a super woman complex, everything had to be perfect! But in reality, what really matters is to do your best and to pace yourself.

All of our roles are interconnected which can be challenging at times. Needing help and reaching out should never be perceived as a sign of weakness.


Focus on yourself. Make changes in your life to make yourself happy. Accomplish your goals and know your own capabilities and desires.

We must learn to love and cherish who we are and spend time doing what we love! Photo by Gigi Stoll
By acknowledging ourselves for what we may perceive as minor achievements - we'll get closer to accomplishing our biggest and wildest dreams. But in the process, let's not forget to encourage and support one another.


So how do we keep growing while fully embracing our femininity ?

Spend time with talented, experienced and inspirational women. It is as easy as scheduling a monthly lunch with someone you look up to. Set aside time and budget to attend a conference, a workshop or any event that may stimulate or engage your attention with other women you can learn from. Talk about easy!

Building a bond together is crucial to enhance our skills and self-esteem, allowing us to see beauty where too often we see flaws.

2016-03-08-1457411372-9161838-11329857_669922976447486_2926722613898783471_n.jpg"Women without limits" seminar, Santo Domingo, Courtesy of Publiarte

Indeed, women can be so hard on themselves. We compare looks, possessions, relationships, and measure success by superficial standards.

I found out regardless of how much we try to emulate someone, our experiences are strictly our own. The energy we spend focusing on being someone we are not takes away from our time to fulfill our purpose in life.

We have to see and celebrate ourselves for what we are: strong, soft, vulnerable, sensual, imperfect, fearless, fearful, heartbroken, love-struck, open, guarded, wild, cautious and all our other wonderful qualities.

We as women can live on our own terms and aspire to whatever we each desire. We embody a new world of endless possibilities and nothing is out of our reach.

Happy International Women's Day !