'I Am Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People': Craziest Google Suggests

"I am extremely terrified of Chinese people," "Why wont my parakeet eat my diarrhea," and "Why can't I own a Canadian?" are just three of the countless strange and surprising "Google suggests" to be found.

The first, "I am extremely terrified of Chinese people," was among the top 10 trending topics on Google trends late Monday evening.

Wondering why? If you try typing "I am e.." into Google, you'll see Google try to automatically complete the search term, and few odd suggestions pop up, including "I am extremely terrified of Chinese people."

What's going on here?

It has to do with a Google feature that's designed to expedite searches.

How does Google Suggest work, and where do those "suggestions" come from? The short answer is this: the suggestions are taken from searches previous users all over the world have done on Google, as well as searches you've done, sites in Google's search index, and ads on Google. As one HuffPostTech reader notes, they're suggestions based off of searches by people just like you. Read more here.

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