I am Luke Skywalker

I am Luke Skywalker
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It’s almost impossible to comprehend that it’s been less than 48 hours since the world changed.

And it has. From the hate filled rhetoric and actions that have been documented in social media and on the news, to the speculations of potential cabinet appointments, to the fear and trepidation countless people in this country are now feeling, it is different, with countless expecting it will continue to devolve from here.

Yes, this may sound geeky or trite and in no way do I mean to trivialize all that’s going on, but I’ve often thought, throughout this election season how similar it’s been to the battle of the force in Star Wars.

And that what we need now is a Luke Skywalker.

Not the Luke who said he didn’t want to be involved. He was all about sticking his head in the sand, like the millions of people who didn’t bother voting this go round. Apathy is a dangerous thing.

And not necessarily the Luke who resorted to ad hoc rescue and violence. He was reacting to the unexpected murders of his aunt and uncle, which was totally understandable. And yes, he saved Princess Leia, but acting from a place of emotion and passion doesn’t always work out in the end.

I’m talking about the Luke who trained with Yoda. Who struggled with frustration and set backs. Who sometimes wanted to give up. Who didn’t always believe he’d find the fortitude, the power, the knowledge he knew he needed to fight back. But he kept training. He kept going, absorbing wisdom and knowledge and patience along the way. Because he knew someone had to keep the Republic (that comparison isn’t lost on me) and the Empire in check. And he fundamentally knew someone had to bring balance back to the force.

He was an unlikely hero. Remarkable and dangerous circumstances made him dig deep and find strength and resolve in himself he most likely didn’t know were there.

That’s our job. We need to be the resistance. We need to organize forces. Find supporters. Make plans. Pick our battles. Study and learn and work together in constructive ways to make sure elected officials are working for their constituents. That the underserved have a voice. That those who are targeted get support. That the truth is told. That the media does a better job. That people are held accountable for their words and actions.

The hatred has been unleashed. The vitriol. The violence. The hard fought rights many have gained are in jeopardy. Our kids, our parents, our friends, our families, our neighbors, our co-workers, our communities need us to stand up, to be strong, to be brave. To be resilient.

We need to fight for everyone who needs us to have their backs going forward.

I am Luke Skywalker.

And you can be too.

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