Lately I've been craving something more. Something authentic and pure. Something I've known before
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Lately I've been craving something more
Something authentic and pure
Something I've known before

The homes and people on Pinterest
leave me feeling empty on the inside
This perfection is glorified,
but on the mind and body
it's as dangerous as pesticide

White everything. Perfect lines.
Tidy rooms. Tidy lives.
Where are all the grooves and edges.
I want to see real things that are
sacred and precious

I'm tired of masking who I really am
Afraid of what they'll think
I'm unadulterated and complex
I want to chew on the meat

I've straightened my hair for years
But every chance it gets
it goes back to its roots.
Wild. Untamable. Breaking all the rules.

I want to be like my hair.
I want to go my own way.
I want to come home
I want to step fully into my own

I want to see you too
What do you look like
When your heart is beating with passion
When you know your worth
When all that you really are
Isn't diluted and deduced down to a fraction

You are more
than a perfect image on Instagram
You are deeper and juicier,
than those perfectly placed pictures
You are above perfection
A holy and divine connection

Let's shake out our wild hair
Let's chase our true joy
Let's love who we are
Hand in hand
Let's run towards our north stars

Remember the wild girl
that lives within you
The one who breathes authenticity
Who lives intentionally
Who loves what she is unapologetically

She's still there.
Come home.

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