I Am Not Afraid I Am Going To Fail. I Am Afraid I Am Going To Succeed


I am not afraid I am going to fail.
I am afraid I am going to succeed.

I do not play small because I fear the fall. I do so, because I fear the rise.
I fear what it will mean when I finally get out of my own way.
I fear the responsibility that will be mine to take.
I fear the grand path that I will pave.

I am not afraid of undermining my potential.
I am terrified of surpassing it.
I fear the limitless that is my passion.
I fear the boundless drive that is alive inside.
I fear the endless contributions that are mine to make.

I am not afraid to suffer for that is known and easy.
I am terrified to thrive because that requires courage.
I fear pushing through the comfort of resistance.
I fear doing the work that will ensure the fruition of my dreams.

I am not afraid of ignoring my deepest heart's desire.
I am scared of letting it be fully heard.
I fear giving it a voice to be expressed in its purest form.
I fear having it be utterly received by all.

I am not afraid of doing nothing.
I am scared of being called forward.
I fear being witnessed in my magnitude.
I fear discovering the potency that lies beneath.

I am not afraid of losing.
I am terrified of winning.
Because when I win, I will have to show up.
When I win, I will have to own my power.

These fears are what keep me limited, complacent, and stagnant in my patterns as I watch the seconds tick away as the ephemeral moments come to pass.

These fears are what keep me stuck in stories, perpetuating the illusory comfort I find beneath my cloak, dubiously satisfied with the chaos in which I have found a distorted sense of home.

I am not afraid of being overlooked.
I am terrified of being wholeheartedly seen.

Because when I am truly seen, I will have no other choice but to completely let go of the beliefs I have carried with me. And then I will become estranged from that old part of me that's been walking my path... The one that questions my value, disparages my worth, and denies my greatness.

Without that piece active in me, well...
...I've got nowhere to hide.