On Star Wars Day, I Am Princess Leia

Nerds, we've been living in an ecstatic and seemingly guilt-free orgy of Star Wars awesomeness for the past month or so.

For starters, we've been re-introduced to the incredible Clone Wars animated series on Netflix and with the cast announcement for Episode VII, as well as #StarWarsDay (Sunday, May 4), I think fans have been happier than Jabba The Hutt with a bowl full of Klatooine paddy frogs.

However, we're about as guiltless as Nute Gunray. All of us.

I received an email from a group that identified itself as "The Legion of Leia" who's stated purpose was "More representation for women in Star Wars Episode VII."

"We are lifelong fans who are thoroughly excited for Star Wars Episode VII and support its talented and iconic cast! We are also disappointed that the April 29 announcement counted only two women among the 13 actors listed..."

It sort of makes you feel like Bantha Poodoo, huh? It continued.

"On Sunday, May the 4th, change your profile pictures to Princess Leia. Let's show the world how many of us want more diversity in our beloved Star Wars films."

How can we say no? How can we not at least make a statement in support of this? How can we not at the very least bring attention to the fact that more women in a galaxy far far away should be in leading roles, and not relegated to Padawans and dancing Twi'leks? How can we sit back and simply let our beloved stories mirror lingering and embarrassing gender roles that barely have a place in today's culture, less so in our futuristic fantasies? Yes. Yes. "Long time ago / Far Far Away," but you know what I mean.

I have to support this, and so should you.

This Star Wars Day, I urge you to stand with the Legion of Leia and make a statement about having kickass role models for future generations of Star Wars fans.

Join the Rebellion, and may the force be with you.

Legion of Leia: