I Am Pro-life, So I Support Planned Parenthood

I am pro-life, which is why I support Planned Parenthood.

It is also why I am opposed to the death penalty.

And why I support Black Lives Matter.

And why I support equal rights for women.

And why I support universal health care.

And why I support agreements, such as the agreement with Iran, that prevent war.

And why I support same sex marriage.

And why I support prison reform.

And why I support initiatives to protect the planet and regulate against the exploitation of natural resources.

And why I support programs and initiatives that assist the underprivileged, the destitute, the homeless, the hungry, the immigrant, the stigmatized and the disabled.

My basis for this, as a person of faith, is religious. I believe that the material world is intrinsically good and has its origin as an expression of divine goodness.

Further, I believe that human beings have been endowed by God through an evolutionary process with a unique consciousness that reflects the divine image, and as such we have special liberties and responsibilities.

The highest among our responsibilities is to treat others with dignity and respect, especially those who have a subaltern position in the construct of civilization (aka "the world").

I don't believe anyone has to share my faith to be pro-life in the same way I am.

But that is in large part what motivates me to be pro-life