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Booing at Bingo

Yesterday my twenty-four year old son sent me a message via Facebook about a local woman who won over $976,000 on a casino slot machine.
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Yesterday my twenty-four year old son sent me a message via Facebook about a local woman who won over $976,000 on a casino slot machine. Talk about winner, winner, chicken dinner, right. Yes sir, she hit a lucky -- very lucky spin just this past Monday at our local casino. So of course, my oldest son thought I'd be interested to know that yes, every so often someone does win. Proving that the house doesn't always win, does it.

But after reading the short article I began to feel slightly irritated by the winner's statements -- "no big-time purchases for me" and she'd "continue living life as I always have." What? Are you kidding me? You win a huge jackpot and you're not planning on splurging a bit? It disturbed me to hear that she wasn't going to treat herself to something special like a dream car, vacation, or home. I mean, isn't winning all about the attitude of gratitude?


Please tell me you know what I mean. Why don't some people show excitement when they've won something great? They must have deserved it for the universe to have served it, right? Only a few short years ago, in that very same casino, a man playing slots in the corner won the largest jackpot ever -- $3.5 million off a progressive machine. But what really got my goat was the fact he was photographed between two very pretty women, holding a huge check with a huge frown on his face. Seriously, dude for Godsakes why couldn't you have turned that frown upside down? That sad faced photo is still plastered on the entrance of the casino for all to witness, its nuts right?


My reaction got me thinking, am I alone in wanting to see winners jump for joy? Am I the only one who loves watching others yell, scream, or show happy tears? I'll admit it; I don't want to read about a winner who seems unaffected by the obvious gift from above. It's like when you play BINGO as a game-oh! And the stakes are high, you're one number away from the jackpot and someone in the crowd whispers "bingo." What? Did someone just call bingo? Yes, it's a bingo but the winner's voice is monotone and there's absolutely no excitement shown. This is where I boo, you boo, and we all boo at bingo.

OK, you might be thinking that it's only poor sports boo like babies. And maybe that's partly true, but if booing is improper behavior during a game, then winning without the attitude of gratitude is also improper. Whether you win or lose, we all know that money doesn't buy happiness but it can bring you a more pleasant form of misery. Remember, if you're lucky enough to win big, you're lucky enough!

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