'I Cloned My Pet': Grieving Pet Owners Try To Recreate Their Furry Best Friends

TLC Tackles Animal Re-Creation With 'I Cloned My Pet'

For many people, pets aren't just animals -- they're members of the family. But would you go so far as to clone Fido after he'd passed away? TLC's latest special, aptly named "I Cloned My Pet" (premieres Wed., Jan. 11, 9 p.m. EST), finds people looking to do just that.

We've got an exclusive first look at Peter, a former gang member who gave up his life of crime when his dog, Wolfie, showed him love. When Wolfie died, Peter saved a few locks of his hair and has since become a successful businessman with only one goal in mind: To bring Wolfie back to life.

Take a look at the preview and tell us what you think: Is this taking technology too far?

Here's TLC's description of the show:

Danielle from Staten Island, NY and her beloved Trouble spent 18 wonderful years together and before his passing, she had a small sample of his cells harvested for cloning. It's been 3 years since Trouble's death, but Danielle's house is still a shrine to his memory and she even preserved the last piece of chicken he ate from. This desire for immortal love is shared by Los Angeleno, Peter, who lost his beautiful Wolfie 3 years ago. Peter rescued Wolfie from the then-tough streets of LA and ironically, Wolfie also saved Peter from similar dangers. Peter was on a dangerous downward spiral spending time with a tough crowd and ended up caught in the crossfire. The night he was shot changed everything, and Peter made a choice to fill his world with love and be committed to his Wolfie.

While Danielle and Peter both anxiously await news from Korean scientists to confirm that Trouble and Wolfie's DNA can be successfully harvested, another cloner, Sheryl, is also waiting for important news; her jail sentence. In Santa Fe, Sheryl has already succeeded in cloning her pet, Blue, and the clone of Blue (Blue Frankenstein II), is on his way home. Unfortunately she’s locked up awaiting trial so if she gets a long sentence she may never get to see her dog.

An exorbitant price tag for this procedure means most people will never have the luxury of experiencing their pet's rebirth. "I Cloned My Pet" explores these challenges and finds out if the cloners succeed in bringing their beloved pets to life and if the colossal financial sacrifices are worth it.

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