I Could Choose the Easy Path

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Things that would be easier than what I'm doing now:

Not being self employed

Being a stay at home mum

Getting a part time job

Following the usual rules of business

Following the usual rules of life

Things that would be harder about opting for any easier option:
Dying of boredom
Being told what to do
Losing my sense of Self
Brain dying without thinking critically
Accomplishing nothing

It's true: Going the self employment route can fill you with doubt, it can challenge your thinking and your beliefs. It's definitely not the easiest option in life.

So why do so many of us choose it?

For me... It's the almost insatiable hunger for doing something bigger, something greater, and.... dare I say it - fame. Not like a desire to be a celebrity like a movie star. But to be known as THE person in my industry.

And there lies some of my problem: What the hell IS my industry anyway?

Coaching? No. Metaphysics? No. Personal development? Maybe. I see it more as personal growth.

I realise it's just semantics, but I don't put myself in the same category as Tony Robbins. Call me arrogant, but I think it's more than that.

I feel like I think at a much bigger picture level.

That's right - I think bigger and greater than Tony Robbins (and if you've ever thought about working with me - THAT is a pretty good reason).

And like I said, it's definitely not easy. BUT it can be done with ease.

What does THAT even mean?

It means that while there are challenges, it can be done from a place of ease.

Challenges are merely the beginnings of new growth spurts. And to come from a place of ease is a choice to represent ease.

So.... The point of this? I don't know... I'm just telling it like it is. I'm just saying that with a very active, attached, non-sleeper-without-mummy 1 year old, and with a thirst and desire to do and be something bigger and greater than average, it's just not easy. But it's with ease that I do.

If this is speaking to you, then I want you to know that you can operate from a place of ease too.

Yes, it's a challenge. Yes, you experience mind shifts and growth spurts at a rate you can barely keep up with. Yes, your head swirls round and round with thoughts of doubt, anxiety, and impatience.


You can also choose to represent ease, peace, and overflowing enthusiasm for your bigger picture concept of living.

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