I Dedicate This Video to All the Femme Lesbians Out There! Happy Pride, Ladies

Girl on Girl is a documentary currently in production. It has gained popularity via its Facebook fan page, which has garnered over 180,000 fans in only a year.

Each week the page receives hundreds of letters from feminine lesbians worldwide who feel invisible. These raw and often emotional messages inspired me to produce this video for the Pride season. Its intention is to help more women realize that their feelings regarding their sexual orientation are legitimate and that they are not alone.

The video's script is composed entirely of these letters and reflects the thoughts and feelings of women who have written to me directly. No words or phrasing have been altered.

This video features all LGBTQ-identified actresses who volunteered their time to make this video possible. While all identify as members of the community and have a strong connection with the script, it is important to note that they are in fact acting and not referencing their own personal beliefs or experiences directly.

A little bit of background information regarding the film itself:

Girl on Girl is a groundbreaking film in the LGBTQ and documentary film genres. It challenges the commonly held belief that "feminine women cannot be lesbians because they look straight" and introduces the concept of feminine lesbian invisibility, the phenomenon whereby the identities of countless LGBTQ women, due to their feminine appearance, are rendered invisible, both to the outside world and to each other.

The concept behind the film stems from my personal experience: I came out at age 14, and ever since, I have been endlessly interrogated about my identity. The assumption that feminine women are "not real lesbians" leaves me subject to a barrage of dubious comments, most commonly "You're too pretty to be gay," phrased as though it were a compliment.

Girl on Girl provides a rare glimpse into the lives of women with one thing in common: Even after coming out, they walk through life feeling socially delegitimized and mocked for speaking up about their invisibility, even in queer spaces. The film raises the question "Is passing as heterosexual really a privilege?" and ultimately proves that "coming out" is not a one-time proclamation but a never-ending process, an emotional roller coaster of having to repeatedly defend one's sexuality to a critical and skeptical world.

To learn more about Girl on Girl, visitthe official website, the Facebook page, the Twitter page, and the Instagram page (#GirlonGirlPride).

Girl on Girl is affiliated with the nonprofit organization New York Foundation for the Arts.

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