I Did it and I'm Not Sorry - A Letter to My Fans

Fine. I'm kind of a "public figure" now. I get it. By putting myself out there on the page and the stage, I open myself up for criticism.

And accusations.

Well, it finally happened. I've been accused. Just like a real celebrity.

This person said some nasty things to me:

  • "Why do you even try to be a writer? You have nothing to say worth printing on a page."
  • "How dare you try to sell your books? Author? More like a sleazy salesperson!"
  • "Stop wasting everyone's time with your dumb articles. No one cares about you."
  • "You're a college dropout. Go back to your little magic tricks."

I wanted to curl up and die. Then, my instinct was to apologize. Publicly and profusely. After that, I figured I'd just disappear into the shadows for a while so I wouldn't bother anyone.

Do you ever get a sudden urge to apologize even though you didn't do anything wrong?

"My cat died." "I'm so sorry." "Why? Did YOU kill him?"

And here's the worst part: no one actually said any of those things to me. I only said them to myself. I was my own accuser.

Do you ever get a bad case of "impostor syndrome." Impostor syndrome is the irrational belief that no matter what you achieve, you never feel like you deserve it. It's as though you could be discovered as a fraud at any moment.

Well, that feeling hit me hard while writing this book.

So here's what I did about it...


You know what? It's a damn good book. I'm NOT sorry I wrote it and I'm NOT sorry that I'm telling everyone about it. Just bang the gavel and say I'm guilty. "Dog shame" me on the internet if you have to. It's all true.

I've spent three years and thousands of dollars bringing my book baby into the world. I hired the best people direct from the world's best publishing houses. My editor, proofreader, graphic artist, and typographer have all worked on bestselling books. I'm so proud of what we've created together.

I did it and I'm not sorry.

I worked equally hard on the free bonuses. I kept adding value until I could look you in the eyes and say, "This is worth ten times what I'm asking." For some of you, it's worth a thousand times what I'm asking. Books have the power to change lives. Why wouldn't I be bold?

For every negative thought I've had, I've gotten fifty encouraging emails from readers. Simple messages like:

"New book looks great!"

"Can't wait to read it."

"Magic Words changed my life."

"I'm so proud of you."

"I just supported you on Thunderclap across multiple platforms to tens of thousands of people."

We must stop letting our inner critic get between us and the people we can help. You have a gift to share. If you don't champion it, it will rot on the shelf. DO. NOT. APOLOGIZE.

This is what my new book, TRUE Influence is all about. It's a guide for getting your message across in a way that connects with people and inspires them to action. If you want to move mountains, you've got to be able to move people. More importantly, you've got to be able to do it with integrity so that you won't feel like you have to apologize for it to anyone.

You can buy the book and collect your bonuses now at: http://www.TrueInfluenceBook.com

P.S. You're welcome.

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