With the increasing importance that spa and wellness is playing in the lives of global consumers it’s time to address an issue that’s impacting the quality of service on a daily basis.  

Recently, the CEO of one of the largest massage clubs in the U.S. published a  LinkedIn Pulse article on the topic of using trends to compete particularly in spa and wellness.

He stated that the emphasis of his company was “total body care”.

My response; “Total body care should include appropriate product recommendations which allow guests to extend their treatment and maximize results……

His lead therapist’s response to my comment (in the above image) reflects the sentiments of many therapists in the spa industry. It’s a huge elephant in the living room that no one wants to talk about. Perhaps the CEO circled back around to read the responses to his blog-post but it’s unfortunate that he did not reply to his employee. It might have begun a much needed dialogue on the important role therapists play in providing customer convenience and extension of  service through expertly curated home care regimens. The therapist might have had a better understanding of how recommending appropriate products underscore a climate of nurturing and dramatically increases client retention. .

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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