I Did 1 Million Positive Affirmations in 101 Days

I Did 1 Million Positive Affirmations in 101 Days
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In mid-September I decided to do 10,000 positive affirmations a day for 10 days and so many outstanding things happened that I ended up doing it for 101 days and hitting 1 MILLION affirmations!

In the first 10 days I had money fly to me through the air (literally, I was walking down the street with my sister and a $10 bill landed at my feet), a neighbor I had barely spoken to added me to their will, I saw huge fireworks go off for no reason in downtown Toronto, I had one job offer on the table and a business partnership offer, and to top it all off one of my crushes started talking to me! These are just the highlights.

The day I hit 1 million affirmations happened to be my half birthday, Dec. 16, and so much had happened by then that I could not possibly cover it in one article. The greatest things are that my goal is to build an international corporate training company that is focused on supporting people in dealing with stress and anxiety and a consulting company that is already in five continents suggested we enter a partnership together! If that wasn't great enough, I also met an amazing guy that just keeps getting more and more amazing with each date. And can you imagine, I have found money on the ground four times during this experiment and one of those times, I simply opened my front door and there was a $5 bill right in front of the elevator!

Many people ask me why I chose to do this experiment and how I managed to track my thoughts. There are a number of reasons why I wanted to do this, the biggest reason being I want to intentionally create my inner world. It doesn't take any more effort, time or money to choose a better thought. And thoughts are one of the things we have complete control and freedom with. For example, I cannot always choose who sits beside me on the subway yet I can choose what thoughts I think while I am sitting on the subway.

I tracked my thoughts using a clicker counter that had the ability to go up to 10,000. I completed 10,000 positive affirmations a day and then wrote a brief journal entry on what happened that day, all of the highlights, challenges and how I dealt with them. Below are real examples of positive affirmations for each major area of life and challenges I faced during the 101 days. Sometimes I repeated the same thing over and over again and sometimes I mixed it up. According to Google, we have about 50,000 thoughts per day, so making one fifth of them deliberate -- while challenging, is completely doable.

1)Health: My body is relaxed and at ease. My body is nourished and replenished. My mind is full of love and appreciation. My body is strong and flexible.

2)Home: My home is clean and organized. My home is peaceful and soothing. My home is beautiful. My home is safe.

3)Work: I am the best at what I do. Work is fun and easy. I feel free and safe at work.

4)Relationships: My relationships are supportive and uplifting. My relationships are full of love and appreciation. My relationships are easy and fun.

5)Death: I am safe and secure. I trust the process of life. Everything happens in perfect timing.

6)Confidence: I love and approve of myself. I am relaxed and at ease. I am allowed to be me. I am worthy of peace and happiness.

7)Soulmate: My soulmate and I are deeply connected. My soulmate and I are moving toward each other. My soulmate and I can sense each other's presence.

8)Lifestyle: My lifestyle is fun and free. I live an abundant life. I am relaxed and at ease. I am safe and secure.

These are just some examples of positive affirmations. A list can be written on any topic and Louise Hay has created many great lists for reference.

Overall, this has been the best 101 days of my life. This experiment was fun and exciting and left me in a state of wonder on a daily basis. My recovery through challenges was faster (death of a friend, fear before bedtime, anxiety attacks, etc.) and some challenges have even subsided completely. I feel more relaxed, secure and loved than I have ever felt and I am excited about my new goal for next year -- hitting 5 million in 2016!

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