'I Do' Film Trailer Shows Effects Of DOMA, Lack Of Gay Rights (VIDEO)

The new film "I Do" covers the timely topic of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and its effects on gay and straight couples alike.

Directed by Glenn Gaylord and written by David W. Ross, "I Do" depicts what happens when a gay man's visa expires, threatening his chances of staying in the country with the man he loves. Ross stars as Jack, who eventually ties the knot with his female friend (played by "Sopranos" veteran Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Before long, however, their green card marriage gets questioned by the authorities, with an outcome that affects the lives of everyone around them.

After winning the "Best of the Fest" Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January, "I Do" is now set for a limited run in selected theatres while simeoutaneously being available for download and On Demand May 31.

The Supreme Court is currently debating DOMA, and whether to keep the law intact. If the law is struck down, situations like the one in "I Do" will hopefully become a thing of the past.

For more information check out the film's website.



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