I Don't Date Rich Guys, I Date Smart Guys

People could label me as a Gold digger, but those people don’t know me. They see me as someone who typically dates a man who has a great job, beautiful home, and new vehicle; someone who can do basically whatever he wants without regard to cost. These men take me out to beautiful dinners and we sip on expensive wine. We go on trips and he buys me clothes. We love each other easily, because money is rarely a topic of stress or conversation. The reason I choose to date these types of men has nothing to do with money and the things that they have. It is because they are smart.

Smart guys are the ones who have their shit together when they're in their 30’s. They are grown ups. Smart guys have worked hard to build their careers so they can make a life for themselves. These men don’t need to rely on their mommy to take care of them. Smart guys have no issue with strong women, and know we are an asset to the workforce and to their life. This means he’s not threatened when we strategize and brainstorm about business over dinner, or when I have to send an email or take a phone call at 9pm. Smart guys always have a plan, for their life and for their business, and are open to side opportunities to help them make more money. And it's not about the money they're making, it’s about securing their future. Any financial planner will tell you that possessing multiple streams of income is not only smart, it’s necessary. Smart guys can hold a conversation and aren’t scared to have a debate. They not only want you to shine in your own right; they expect you to dominate and will help you get there.

If I want to go out, I’m happy to pay for myself, and I tip well. If I happen to be in the company of a man who insists on paying, that’s fine, too. Someone who is smart understands feminism, but also understands that I want to be taken out on a date every once in while. A smart guy knows what he wants and goes after it. We are both grown ups. He pays his bills and I pay mine. A smart guy oozes confidence, which is always sexy. Smart guys is where true happiness lies. This is why I date smart guys, not rich guys.

PS - My favorite quote as of late: “It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one.” ~Barry Popik

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