'I, Frankenstein' Movie Writers Clearly Never Read 'Frankenstein'

Well, it looks like the movie writers of the upcoming film "I, Frankenstein" never actually cracked Mary Shelley's Frankenstein open while writing the film (we're guessing if you saw the trailer already that you probably already knew that, though).

YouTube user Daniel Repasky put together a video pointing out that in the movie, the MONSTER is referred to as "Frankenstein." However, the monster is not Frankenstein; the only Frankenstein is the scientist who creates the monster.

(Technically, according to the film's Wikipedia page, the monster's name in the movie is "Adam Frankenstein," and the film DOES list "Victor Frankenstein" as a character...but come on, that's extremely confusing).

The video points out that, in the book, though the monster is referred to as "creature," "fiend," "the demon," "spectre," "devil," "thing," etc., it is NEVER referred to as "Frankenstein" (probably because Shelley, too, imagined that would be extremely confusing to give the monster Victor's last name as well).

At the end of the video, there is text that reads "Please don't let Hollywood spend $68 million on a movie without reading the book. Support literary education."

We couldn't agree more.