I Got it From My Mama

You always hear the saying that Moms are "superheroes" and can take on any job given to them and handle it like a boss, but when you're a little kid you don't always get exactly what that means.

Growing up I can't say I ever had to go without. Our family was and still is the biggest priority to my Mom. She always wants to be sure that everyone has everything they need, including her love and support.

My mom truly was my superhero. She gave me everything I wanted, she made the bad times better and the good times even more good.

However, as I got older, she became a different type of superhero. She was a hard working woman who was more than dedicated to her job. I guess what I'm saying is I actually realized that her only job wasn't just spoiling her little girls.

After that, I realized that her "real" job was much more than I thought. It wasn't just her 8am-4pm work day but rather 50-60-hour work weeks. It was working all day long on top of taking care of her daughters and being one hell of a Mom.

I look at her now, when I am a second semester senior, getting ready to graduate and wonder just how she did it all.

Although both my sister and I are older now and (mostly) on our own, I still can't stop questioning how she did everything. How did she wake up every single morning, make us breakfast, get us to school on time, head to work for an insanely busy day filled with meetings and phone calls, and then still manage to make it to all of our extra curricular activities and have a nice dinner on the table by 6pm? It doesn't seem possible; at this point it actually seems unrealistic to me but she did it.

Well, now I have nothing to say to her besides thank you. Thank you for giving me a bright future to look forward to. Thank you for teaching me that it is possible to be a successful business woman and still carry the title as a superhero mom who does it all.

As I am coming to the end of my college career, my two largest dreams are to have my dream job (which will no doubt be extremely demanding) and to also one day become an amazing mom and because of her I know that I can one day manage both. It no longer has to be a decision; it will certainly be hard but it is achievable.

People say that having a mother who works all the time isn't ideal because they're "never around" for their family, especially their children. Well, let me be the one to tell you, that is certainly not the truth. I would never want to change the work ethic that my Mom has.

To be honest, it's actually pretty cool that I get to brag about the amazing job my mom has while still being able to count on her to be there whenever I need her. I get to say, "Mom I know you're planning on working 50+ hours this week but we're still on for you to drive two hours to visit me at school and take me to lunch just because, right?" and I will never doubt that she will be there because she always is.

So all you working Mom's out there: I encourage you to keep up all of your hard work and don't ever convince yourself that you're letting your children down, I promise you, you're making them proud.