'I Had An Abortion' T-Shirts Fuel Controversy

Abortion Shirts Fuel Controversy

Here's a simple math equation: T-shirts + abortion = controversy.

Tensions ran high on Monday, after T-shirts reading "I had an abortion" were sold on the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus, WECT reports .

The shirts were on sale as part of a book signing and discussion lead by abortion rights advocate, Jennifer Baumgardner. The shirts are meant to help destigmatize abortion and help people talk about their experience, according to WWAY.

A few students protested the shirts by wearing some of their own that said, "I haven't killed a baby."

One protester told the station that abortion is "unpraiseworthy."

RH Realitycheck's Robin Marty writes that the protesters misconstrued the abortion shirt's intent:

There's a vast difference between erasing stigma and "seeking praise," but I suppose for those who believe each of the one in three women who have had abortions should be ashamed to admit it, anything other than regret is wrong.

Perhaps the protesters got the shirts confused with these ones from Cafe Press which actually do praise abortion.

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