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I Think My Breasts Are Too Big (PHOTOS)

Since when is being skinny with big boobs a problem? Quite frequently, as it turns out. We reached out to one woman who has struggled with her body for years. Here's her story.

"I've always been 'boob-y.' It ran in the family: My maternal grandmother was busty; they were really hanging low. I was one of the first kids in my class to develop, and it was embarrassing. It was awful. I was around twelve years old, and in the locker room with flat-chested girls who snickered at me.

In my teenage years, it was nothing abnormal because the clothes that were in style then (it was the '60s) weren't form-fitting. I wore jeans and t-shirts. But if I tried to get into a dress, forget it: The frock fit over my hips perfectly, but I couldn't get the zipper up.

In my 20s and 30s I lived in a beach community where shorts and t-shirts were the norm. We also lived on a shoe-string at the time, so not only was island living very casual, but we also didn't have the money to do things that required dressing up, like going out for dinner.

Then, in my 50s, my boobs exploded. At the same time, my lifestyle changed -- my husband and I were traveling more, going out more and our life was more social in general. By this point in our lives, we were more comfortable financially, and we had the resources to do things like go to the symphony and the theater. We started traveling frequently to New York, and I became more interested in fashion. As a result, my wardrobe became dressier. But I discovered that designers only design for skinny models.

I go shopping and look at beautiful clothes, but they aren't meant for narrow women with a bust. I'm a size 4 on the bottom, and a size 8 on top, so I try both sizes to see if either works. Ultimately, nothing fits. 'You look at yourself in the mirror and it just doesn't hang right. Things squeeze out here, squeeze out there, and it doesn't look good. I'm not interested in side boob, thank you very much.

My figure makes getting dressed up an ordeal. These days my ideal outfit is jeans and a nice blousy top, or a fancy sweater. I read about a place in New York where they really fit you -- I'm going to make a pilgrimage there.

I would never get a breast reduction. It's not worth it to go under the knife so I can fit into a Chanel jacket. Besides, my husband loves the way I look.

Look, I know this sounds like a silly problem. But for me, it's a pain. Typically, I wear something loose that isn't hugging anything, which is a shame because I've worked hard to stay in good shape."

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