I Hate Nazis. And I'm Okay With That

Just saw a couple if Nazis in the Western Addition of San Francisco.

I hate Nazis.

Now, for anyone who feels the need to say some crap about how hating Nazis is the same as being a Nazi -- don't. Nazis hate Blacks and Jews and everyone else because they see others as sub-human scum based on skin color and parentage -- things that are intrinsic to the person, whereas Nazis have, of their own free will, chosen a philosophy of extermination. They judge and hate us because of some unchangeable thing about us. I hate them because of something they, given options, freely chose. And I don't want them all killed. I don't think the government should treat law-abiding Nazis any differently than the members of any other cult of death that cheer past mass murders while advocating future ones, and who dress up in the regalia of people who killed millions of American and Allied soldiers, and tortured and murdered tens of millions of innocent civilians. Arrest them if they break the law (but more importantly don't hire them to enforce the laws, either.) Nazism is a result of difficult times, complex questions, panic, low self-esteem, and charismatic leaders who provide easy answers and identify powerless scapegoats. The foot soldiers are just pawns. But that doesn't excuse them from joining a murderous cult of their own free will. If they don't want to be hated they can make another choice -- unlike our Black, Brown, Asian, LBGT, or Jewish brothers and sisters. (Not that any of us would want to change if we could, the point is they can choose to not be Nazis.)

No, I don't think I should love my enemies and no, I am not diminished in any way by my hate. Oh, and I can hate both the game and the player. Because anyone who freely chooses to play a hateful game deserves to be hated. And I have enough hate for both because hate, like love, springs from an infinite well. It is a reaction to stimuli. Now sometimes that stimuli is stupid -- like someone's skin color or sex -- but sometimes it is a reaction to someone's freely chosen actions, like their choosing to be a Nazi. Who or what you hate and love helps define you. And I have loves that fall in both categories: I love both puppies (who have no choice in being puppies) and those who freely choose, for example, to put their bodies between whalers and the few remaining whales. So my loves and hates are important parts of who I am, as I think they are for all of us.

The problem is that someone has convinced quite a few liberals that the hatred of Nazis, or Neo-Confederate racists, or economic terrorists, or any other murderous reactionary bastard is the real problem. Using faux New Age psychobabble they have tricked many on our side into accepting an agenda that amounts to them hating and murdering us, and us then admonishing any of our friends or allies who says we should treat our enemies like the enemies they are, and hate them back.

Never let your enemy make up the rules of a conflict, or choose the weapons. Once you've let them decide which of your reactions to their hateful acts is valid, you've lost.

And no, I'm not in a bad mood.

I just hate Nazis.

And I'm okay with that.