I Hate To Say It But #TrumpIsOurPresident

Remember the outrage we all felt when Donald Trump turned to Hillary Clinton during the first debate, and referred to Barack Obama as “your President”? Of all the despicable things Trump and other Republicans have said about President Obama, and their attempts to delegitimize a democratically elected President, the claim that he was not “our President” offended me the most.

And as those of us who opposed Trump’s candidacy for President reel in disgust and disbelief at his victory, the hashtag #NotOurPresident is appearing on Twitter and on signs at protest rallies. Had the election gone the way we had hoped, we would have been angered and dismayed to once again see Republicans and other Trump supporters brandish the #NotOurPresident slogan.

The only way to move forward from this crushing defeat is to accept that, as hard as it is to say or to read, Donald Trump will be our next President. And by acknowledging that, we will use every lawful and peaceful tactic to make our voice heard, and to stand up for our progressive values and principles. Many of us fear that a Trump Presidency will be a threat to our democracy, and to the civil and human rights of our citizens. To insure that this doesn’t happen, and to protect all Americans from racism and discrimination, we must pressure our elected representatives to do the right thing and safeguard democratic rights for all Americans.

But if we are going to fight for our democracy, we must accept our democratic election results. Donald Trump is our next President. Now let’s get to work and push for the most progressive agenda that is possible in this dark, new political reality.

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