'I Hit It First' Video Sees Ray J Hooking Up With Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like

Ray J Hooks Up With Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like

The story of Ray J's song "I Hit It First" is really a cautionary tale of what happens when the internet meets music. Instead of making a catchy or meaningful track, Ray J went all-in on stupidity, because that's what internet users like most.

The track itself was already pathetic and riddled with references to Kim Kardashian, who Ray J filmed a sex tape with years ago. He also references Kanye West, fitting given that Kardashian is pregnant with West's child. In the "I Hit It First" video, which premiered today on TMZ (though that website prefers to say it "obtained" the video), Ray J cavorts with a poor man's Kardashian. He hangs out with her on a private jet and he -- wait for it -- films an amateur video of her playing with her blouse seductively. Get it?

Of course, Ray J has taken the whole pathetic shtick a step further by denying the song is about Kardashian and West, to which we say, grow up, Ray J. The sad thing is that Ray J isn't even that bad of a performer, but instead of putting in the work to make something of himself, he's trying to ride the coattails of Kanye and revive drama from a sex tape that's now six years old.

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