I Just Unplugged Someone in a Coma to Charge My Phone

On a scale of not sharing cake to unplugging someone in a coma to charge your phone, how selfish are you? Twitter caught fire Thursday with the hashtag ‪#ImNotReallySelfishBut as part of the weekly hashtag game hosted by @behive_game. In true iambic pentameter-ish form, Twitter doth protest too much, methinks. Shakespeare would have been proud of the strong U.S. and Canadian trend, Hamlet's mother, Queen Gertrude, not so much.

There were some innocent enough selfish tweets like the milk jug tweet from @EvanEdinger and the prospect of having to share with a child from @thenikhilkapur. I am reminded daily that being an adult sucks. Especially if you are the adult that finds milk jug, thanks Evan. No iPad for you tonight.

Hey guys, want some of my pizza? I had to Google that one to make sure people really used that phrase since I wasn't familiar with it. @DoreenTaylor feels the same way about cake. I'm sure there won't be any repercussions from Milton not getting any cake but make sure our fire insurance policy is up to date just in case. I'm all kinds of this selfish.

Was there room for two people Kate Winslet?
YES! Heaven forbid you scoot over but I give you credit for coming up with a creative way to end the ill-advised fling you had with DiCaprio. What happened on that cruise definitely stayed on that cruise.

Being an adult sucks but at least you have your secret candy drawer @secretbee1. Mmmmm this chocolate tastes so good, as you watch the kids reach for you underneath the locked bathroom door.

I am definitely updating my hospital status to No Visitors thanks to @aaronsayswhat1.

Apparently you can make this stuff up. Find more selfish/not selfish tweets @ #ImNotReallySelfishBut