I Know a Guy

I know a guy with deep-set dark eyes that sparkle when he smiles.

I know a guy who for years never washed his hair because the dirt kept it tame. "I hope the kids have your hair," he laughed.

I know a guy who moved to Colorado and was asked to be a hair model.

I know a guy who uses aerosol deodorant. Ugh. Years ago, when he and his girlfriend backpacked through Europe, he "sprayed" his clothes with Right Guard to clean them. His girlfriend experienced chemical asphyxiation each time she hugged him.

I know a guy who, 13 years later, still uses the same noxious substance.

I know a guy who does laundry nearly every day and becomes exasperated by the way his wife and daughters shed their clothes with their underwear still in their pants and socks in each pant leg.

I know a guy who sings Frozen duets with his daughter in the shower.

frozen duet

I know a guy who grew up with no sisters and hardly any friends of the opposite sex, but was happy to grow old surrounded by women.

I know a guy who didn't wish for a son and grew irritated by anyone who presumed he wanted anything other than his daughters.

I know a guy who didn't need a boy, but got a boy.

got that boy

I know a guy who kisses that boy and his girls every day.

I know a guy who can't wait to play sports with his son and daughters.

i know a guy

I know a guy who works hard all day supporting his family and comes home to help with dinner, dishes and bedtime.

I know a guy who works extremely hard and tells his wife that she works harder.

I know a guy who sometimes loses his temper, but knows how to say sorry.

I know a guy who fills the bath with bubbles and hides princess figures in the tub, so his girls get clean searching for them.

I know a guy who gets swept away coloring with his kids, meticulously drawing their favorite cartoon characters out of sidewalk chalk on the fence. Sometimes his wife rolls her eyes, "The kids aren't coloring anymore ... you're supposed to be playing with them!"


I know a guy who told his wife she was beautiful every day throughout three pregnancies.

I know a guy who tells his wife she is beautiful even when she hasn't showered, brushed her hair or put on makeup.

I know a guy who feels pain when his wife cries.

I know a guy who is a role model for my son.

I know a guy and I hope my daughters find men like him.

I know a guy and he knows me.

Happy 8th Anniversary.


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