I liked Li Hongbo's work at Art Miami

It's Art Basel week in Miami, or Miami Art Week - the difference is that the "real" Basel is in the convention center in South Beach and the satellite shows all over the downtown and midtown, and Wynwood area, are Miami Art shows. I prefer the satellite shows, but as Wynwood and midtown Miami get more and more gentrified, many of the tented shows have moved around and they aren't all in a row on one street anymore. That hopefully will change next year, when a big part of the shows move to one location - the former Miami Herald site on Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami.
Anyway, here are some things I saw at Miami Art Week, I always love Chinese artists 
's paper sculptures you see in the video above. Amazing work. The hidden element of surprise of course, is the best part.
And here is a collage of just a few things I noticed while wandering around.
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