I Lost Weight: Brian Dillahunt Lost 81 Pounds To Reduce His Diabetes Risk

Brian Lost 80 Pounds: 'You Only Get One Life, And I Intend To Make The Best Of It'

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Name: Brian Dillahunt
Age: 34
Height: 6'2"
Before Weight: 394 pounds

How I Gained It: I didn't realize I was gaining the weight. I got married at a fit 275 pounds. I had always worked out, sometimes twice a day. I played lots of basketball every week, however, when I got married, the working out and basketball all slowed down. In the first two years of my marriage, I gained 100 pounds from lots of fast food multiple times a day and no real self-control. I ate whenever and whatever I wanted. Before I knew it, I was 394 pounds and miserable.

Breaking Point: My doctor stated that I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and was at high risk of Type 2 diabetes. I thought about my wife and two young children, and how I could never put them through the pain of caring for a sick loved one, like I had to do with my mother for several years as she lost her bout with diabetes. I also have three brothers who are diabetic, and one with high blood pressure. This combination of things really hit me very hard and finally got me to the point where enough was enough!

How I Lost It: I hired a personal trainer who has been awesome! He gave me a nutrition guide, and he coached me through what were good foods and not so good foods. I stopped eating fried, greasy foods, stopped drinking soda and drank more water. Now, I eat lean meats and lots of fruits and vegetables. Instead of sweet snacks, I opt for healthier snacks like almonds and other nuts.

I also began an exercise program. It was intimidating at first because I was so out of shape. But after my trainer put me at ease, I felt more comfortable. For the first few months I was running four to five times a week for about an hour a day. Then in the summer I incorporated a weight-training program in with the cardio to build muscle as I burned the fat away. As I began seeing results, I was excited. I signed up for some 5K races and also a half-marathon, to give me events to look forward to that would keep me motivated. I had lots of support from family and friends that really kept me going as well. They never even allowed me to think about giving up!

I've been able to lose 81 pounds so far, and I'm on a mission to lose about 80 more. I no longer have blood pressure, cholesterol or sleep apnea issues. I'm getting better rest. I'm able to play with my sons more. I find myself more alert and doing more physical activities.

I'm determined to continue going. You only get one life, and I intend to make the best of it. I've wasted too much time already!

After Weight: 313 pounds
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