Tony Posnanski Lost 225 Pounds For His Family

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Name: Tony Posnanski
Age: 37
Height: 5'6"
Before Weight: 420 pounds

How I Gained It: Through selfish eating. Through consuming enormous amounts of food. I would eat and eat and would not stop. It wasn't one specific type of food, I just ate and ate and ate.

Breaking Point: My wife and I wanted kids. We wanted to adopt, but because of my weight it was tricky. I always felt horrible about it, but never did anything. Then we found out we were able to have kids on our own. I had to lose weight before even considering it. So I took every shred of courage and self respect I had and made a life change.

How I Lost It: I started counting calories, then progressed to a less processed diet and then no processed foods at all. I slowly eliminated all artificial sweeteners, and I began living a more active life. I started with just 48 seconds on the treadmill. Now, I work out for an hour or two a day, and I am training for a half-marathon!

What's more important is why I lost it: I did it because of my family. Everyone will tell you how, but few will tell you why.

I've started to write since losing the weight, and I have been published in various news outlets. I share my work and try to motivate others on my Facebook page and my blog. I am a huge anti-bully advocate as well now, and I am proud of the work I am able to do after losing the weight.

After Weight: 195 pounds
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