'I Married A Mobster': Dawn Dreamed About Her Husband's Affair Before Discovering It (VIDEO)

Dawn Trentacosta found out the truth about her husband, Anthony, thanks to a dream. Her story unfolded on "I Married a Mobster." Anthony was a part of the Gambino crime family, and her suspicions were aroused after he got involved in an escort service.

Dawn said, "I started dreaming of this girl and dreaming of her pregnant, and then I started dreaming of this baby. My gut took me into our spare bedroom, made me bend down and I find a secret cell phone, and it was a picture of her and the baby."

She found out the affair had even more lies, as her husband had created fake divorce papers to convince the woman from the picture that he was single. Because there was an innocent child in the middle of it all, Dawn made peace with the other woman, but at least one fan was shocked that Dawn didn't leave her husband, though the show did say they're now sleeping in different bedrooms.

"I Married a Mobster" tells true stories of crime spouses every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ID.

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