I Met The Love Of My Life At 17

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that last Saturday, my husband and I celebrated the 11th anniversary of the day we first met! Since I'm 28, that means we met when I was 17! (I know, I'm really great at math!)

Seventeen is usually the age where you have fun and date -- sometimes changing partners as often as you change your shirt. In a nutshell, you live your life, and you feel alive! I was that 17 year-old when I went to my best friend's 18th birthday party with a strong desire to party. Until I saw him and what I wanted from the evening completely changed: I need him, yes, him, there, him! He had longer hair and I had dreadlocks, beads and thread in my hair. That's how our story started.

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We had no idea it would last; we thought it would only last for an evening. Then, we thought okay, maybe it would last two weeks. I saw myself falling for him, but told myself I'd be bored in a month's time. And then, a year had passed, then 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, and today: 11! So yes it looks good on paper. But to be honest, at the beginning of our relationship, we had to cope with plenty of growing pains.

What do you say to people who constantly tell you things like: "Oh boy, be careful, this may not last, you're still young," or "It must be so tedious to be in a committed relationship when you're so young! Don't you feel like you're missing out on your youth?" I went through so many phases: What if they're right? And what if we did meet too young?

At other times, I would just say: "Nah, they'll get it at some point." People kept watching our relationship closely, and once we got married, they said: "It was only a matter of time for you two!"

We smiled and agreed with them. I don't have any hard feelings. At 17, I would have probably had the same concerns.

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We decided to trust each other and see how that would turn out! Today, we have a little boy in our lives! I learned that you should listen only to yourself, your instinct, your beliefs, and your heart. By doing, that I got the most beautiful gift of all.

Meeting the love of your life at a young age isn't a problem. It's not always easy: You have to take important steps together, at an age when life choices are crucial. But we listened to each other, we made concessions, we made plans, and we lived 6000 km apart for a year. The point is, yes we suffered at times, but we never stopped loving each other.

Today, I think that I was lucky that I met him when I was that young. I feel like we grew up together: He is a part of me, a part of my personality. He has unfailingly guided and supported all of my decisions. We know how to give each other space, since we each have our own lives, friends, hobbies and activities. We found our balance, our equilibrium, and our duo has now turned into a very happy trio.

So yes, life isn't always a party, but let's learn how to enjoy all of these little bits of happiness, and appreciate them to the fullest.

Happy 11.

This post first appeared on HuffPost France. It has been translated into English and edited for clarity.

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