'I Need You, I Don't Need You': Viral Video Is A Metaphor For Parenting

She's born. She needs you. She starts to crawl -- and off she goes. On the first day of preschool, she cries. She needs you. By week two, she's running into class, ready for circle time. And she doesn't need you.

Over and over. It's the refrain of parenting -- the push/pull that usually makes for heart-wrenching "Steel Magnolias" scenes and tear-jerker commercials.

Naturally, the metaphor for the ups and downs of raising a child is now captured in a viral video. "I need you, I don't need you" is up on YouTube with only a four-word caption: "Riley on monkey bars." Riley, it seems, is struggling to find her way. She hangs in midair, confident that she can make it across, until, whoops... she is terrified and needs her dad. Over and over.

Dad is a good sport, and just as in life, Riley ends up taking his help but ultimately succeeding all by herself.

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