I of the Storm - Controlled Chaos


I of the Storm is a one man play that is chaotic, but in a way that embodies the commotion of living in the concrete jungle. There is no place like NYC. The Big Apple is frantic, exhilarating, surreal, beautiful, philanthropic and dehumanizing. I of the Storm addresses these idiosyncrasies of living in NYC post the 2008 economic meltdown through the eyes of a disgraced trader who hits rock bottom homeless in Central Park. Throughout the play you get elements of poet John Greenleaf Whittier. It turns vaudeville like Ziegfeld Follies. Then you feel thrust in the middle of O. Henry's The Cop and the Anthem.

Do not be dismayed. Richard Hoehler is a seasoned actor who navigates you through the turmoil of life, love and the pursuit of happiness effortlessly. Like Robert Redford's character in Barefoot in the Park, sometimes one must go insane to find sanity and humanity. We are so busy being busy that enjoying the moment is forsaken in search of the next trending topic. I of the Storm reminds us to slow down, if only for a New York minute.

I of the Storm is at the Playroom Theater until April 29th.