I on Beauty: Chapter 5 - Irene Michaels' Favorites for Fall

I on Beauty: Chapter 5 - Irene Michaels' Favorites for Fall
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Photo from the collection of Irene Michaels.

1. Food: Karyn's Fresh Corner & Day Spa

I know when I desire healthy food, embrace my tummy and feel light and energetic after a meal, I visit Karyn's Fresh Corner. You can sit down, have a snack or a full meal, and shop for your favorite health food all under the same roof. Karyn's offers a wide selection of non-fattening items to choose from.

Ideal nutrition involves disciplined eating, good digestion, and absorbing the nutrients your body needs. However, most people eat food that has been cooked and then warmed up. This process depletes the enzyme activity in food and prevents the optimum digestion and absorption of nutrients; however at Karyn's Fresh Corner they are committed to using only whole fresh (organic) food whenever possible. They create healthy, delicious, and high quality meals that are high in fiber and low in fat. For over 20 years, Karyn has been teaching and counseling individuals and running workshops showing people the practical, holistic ways to improve their diets, conveying the importance of food choices and how to prepare tasty, nutritious food for themselves at home. http://www.karynraw.com

2. Skin Care: Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique (Latest in Skincare)

I didn't know what to expect when I entered Leah Chavie- a unique skin care center and I was very impressed with how I was greeted and taken care of.

Leah made sure I was very comfortable and then proceeded to give me a stem cell facial. Wow, I looked ten years younger after her treatment (and the quiet atmosphere helped me unwind.) A must do!

Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique is a research-inspired skin destination, physically designed and fashioned with the most high tech equipment and exclusive treatments on the market. Beautiful skin is enhanced and maintained with immediate results. As a one-stop shop for skin therapy using non-invasive, high tech treatments with immediate results, Leah acts as your skin concierge, figuring out what you need and how to do it, best. http://www.leahchavie.com

3. Relaxation: Caracalla Therme, Baden, Baden, Germany (Ultimate Pamper)

I highly recommend a visit to Caracalla Therme, a thermal bath complex in the spa town of Baden Baden, Germany. I spent an hour bathing in the various pools but I could have easily spent more time.

Upon paying the entry fee and entering the complex, I was given a token to wear on a wristband. The token is used to open and close a locker and to charge any additional items such as drinks, food, or a massage up to 60 euro (to be paid upon leaving). Thus, there's no need to carry money as you navigate through the spa complex. The minimum entrance ticket is for two hours and tickets can be purchased for more hours in the same day or for multiple admissions.

The water at Caracalla Therme is said to be good for bones and rheumatism. After my hour in the baths, my shoulder (which had been giving me pain) felt better than it had in a long time. You can also drink water from the mineral springs at fountains upstairs near the entrance to the baths. http://www.carasana.de/de/caracalla-therme/

4. Lips: Morpho Cosmetics Lip Stains (Effortless Make-up)

Photo from the collection of Janine Greff.

The best lip product on Earth, with 5 Star product reviews to prove it. If you want a lip color that is absolutely weightless, super-comfortable, non-drying, very long lasting, completely undetectable, and tinted the color your lips SHOULD be, Morpho Cosmetics Lip Stains There are a total of six lip stains in the Morpho Cosmetics line - my favorite is Aster. Morpho Cosmetics Lip Stains can be purchased through Amazon.com.http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&me=AC9ERI86943EO

5. Fragrance: PHEROMONE by Marilyn Miglin (Sweet Smell of Success)

Photo from the collection of Marilyn Miglin.

In ancient Egypt, men and women cherished their private collections of fragrant oil, worshipping their mysterious powers. Marilyn Miglin has blended seven of the world's most precious types of oil, together with jasmine blossoms, exotic roots, wild grass- more than 179 rare and expensive natural ingredients are combined to create Pheromone, the world's most precious perfume. https://www.marilynmiglin.com

6. Fashion: Bottega Contessa (Always at the Height of Fashion)

No doubt, this is my favorite place to shop. Always greeting customers with a smile and a friendly glass of wine while you shop. Contessa's designs are unique and always on the cutting edge. She brings Paris to us, look at all the money we save by just stopping by.

Bottega Contessa is located in Chicago's Gold Coast. It reigns as one of the most sought-after "specialty stores" in the city. Along with her incomparable sense of style, owner/couture designer Contessa Helena showcases an eclectic mix of classical and exotic fashions by some of the world's most incredible "star-quality" designers. Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine, Rocco Barocco and Morgan de Toi are just a sampling of some of the amazing creations carried at the boutique. Contessa's own "court of couture" designs are available from the sexiest black cocktail dresses to the most elegant "black-tie" ball gowns. Everything is made from the most exotic imported fabrics. Contessa's custom designs have been craved by some of Hollywood's famed models, actresses and even the most "urban-chic" of the recording industry. Along with an astonishing array of intriguing ensembles, there is also an incredible selection of accessories. http://www.bottegacontessa.com

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