I On Fashion: Top 5 Highlights from New York Fashion Week

<em>Irene Michaels</em>
Irene Michaels

The Internet, the media, the blogs and everything under the sun has been buzzing with the happenings from the New York Fashion Week. The star studded, tremendously sparkling, ultimate glam-fest of the year hit the runway on September 7th and has ever since become the talk of the town.

From the celebrities to the designers to the mishaps and the slip-ups, New York Fashion Week (N.Y.F.W.) has been making headlines! So what has been REALLY going on? Let’s round it up, from the latest fashion trends seen at the event to moments you shouldn’t miss:

Rihanna Being Rihanna

She needs no introduction. She needs no hype. She needs no stunts. When it’s Rihanna, the world knows who we’re talking about. But how can one not expect some adventure coming from this superstar? This year, Rihanna stole the moment with her dirt-bike-riding with stunt specialists, pink sand while launching an array of sporty-chic apparel for PUMA. Her show-stopping stunt caught the eyes of millions in a way that has never been seen before!


Going Technicolor with Hair

With every passing season, stylists & designers at the N.Y.F.W. work towards rebooting fashion statements and encouraging experiments that leave an impact and aspirational value for the masses. This year, London hairstylist Josh Wood revamped the hair of model Stella Lucia to a 90’s inspired tech-fuchsia color; which rocked the red carpet! Many artists were seen with different variations of Technicolor hair and were wondering if this will become the norm.

The Bare Baby Bump

It’s wonderful to see how the world of fashion is beginning to lean towards some authentic, real-life showcasing of the world. This was proven when a model from Eckhaus Latta made headlines by appearing with a bare baby bump on the runway! The brand believes it’s essential to show women apart from the regular shiny dresses and sparkly tops. Acknowledging a women’s beauty at her finest is a bold act from any design house and this effort should be positively acknowledged; especially when it comes to such big events such as the New York Fashion Show.


Denim, Denim Everywhere

One common fabric and fashion statement that seemed to adorn the red carpet was women clad in denim. The news picked up the pace when Victoria Beckham showed up to the N.Y.F.W. wearing plain jeans with a pure white top and when asked about her attire, she casually stated that she had no idea what else to wear! Her simplicity nailed it completely.

From the Street-Smarts

From the bob-cuts to bootlegged pants and leather boots, street-style came out with force at the venues of New York Fashion Week. Most of the epic displays of this street art did not make it to the runway but they sure caught the eyes of many photographers from around the world, owing to their unique sense of style & fashion charisma!

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