I Oppose Obama's Healthcare Reform (and You Should Too) Because It Does Not Reform Healthcare

Most people think in binary - black and white; good or bad. "If you're not with me, you're against me." If you are against ObamaCare, you oppose healthcare reform. I am and I do not.


There is no question that healthcare is sick. The evidence (ignore all the selfishly motivated hype and spin) is overwhelming whether you look at financial data; quality of outcomes; errors and adverse impacts; efficiency, however measured; or shortages of personnel.

Health care is dragging us down both as individuals (who cannot get care) and as a nation (making us globally less competitive). People reason from that to conclude that, 'Anything is better than [doing] nothing. So, let's support ObamaCare.' The President, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi assure us it will "reform" healthcare: assuring access, improving quality, and reducing costs. Keep in mind the aphorism, "If it seems too good to be true, it is!" Or, if you are a science fiction aficionado, "Tanstaffl: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."

ObamaCare is a boondoggle, plain and simple. It is a political approach coupled with a self-proclaimed solution for a medical problem. It is snake oil, not evidence-based treatment.

Whether it expands insurance coverage or not (uncertain), ObamaCare will actually reduce access to care and explode the deficit to even more unmanageable heights. I oppose it for those reasons and because I want real healthcare reform: change that works for us, that will be affordable and sustainable, and that will get better and better over time. That is not ObamaCare.

Real, effective reform translates to a new system. Everyone concurs that the current system is broken beyond repair but our leaders try to 'fix' one small - admittedly important - part of the system: financing. This will not work for two reasons: his 'fix' won't fix, and every good doctor knows you treat causes, not symptoms. The nightmare called health care financing is a symptom -- of an unworkable, inherently contradictory system -- not a cause. Nonetheless, ObamaCare claims to fix [reform] the system...by making one part of it even more complex and expensive.

√ I do not want ObamaCare. It will make things worse.
√ I do not want to stay the way we are. That obviously does not work.
√ I want real healthcare reform.
√ That means a new system, not giving snake oil to the one we now have.