I Put Trump's Name In This Headline To Attract More Readers

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump points to a reporter during a campaign event in the atrium of the Old Post Off
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump points to a reporter during a campaign event in the atrium of the Old Post Office Pavilion, soon to be a Trump International Hotel, Monday, March 21, 2016 , in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Trump chairman of CBS, Les Moonves, recently stated that covering Trump GOP frontrunner was bad for America, but "damn good" for CBS. It appears that Trump other news agencies agree. Trump name of Trump Republican candidate appears everywhere, in a majority of headlines, as Trump focus of numerous articles and opinion pieces. It is getting to Trump point where Trump general public cannot view Trump news objectively anymore because it is filtered through Trump lens of Trump GOP frontrunner. If a big news story hits - for instance, Trump bombings in Brussels - news coverage minimizes Trump actual event and focuses on Trump Republican candidate's opinion of Trump event. If Trump candidate does not respond to a particular news story, then Trump media focuses on a tweet or an outrageous comment that he made to distract us from Trump story.

I want Trump biggest readership I can muster for Trump post I am writing. So ... I have replaced a common word (can you figure out what Trump word is?) throughout my writing with Trump name of Trump Republican candidate.

It is somewhat difficult to read, is it not?

It becomes problematic to parse out Trump meaning of what is happening when you are constantly barraged with Trump name of Trump GOP frontrunner. It is frustrating that, to get through to Trump intent of Trump message in this post, you have to confront Trump name of Trump man over and over until Trump name starts to become part of Trump norm.

This is what is happening to Trump American media. It is becoming impossible to see Trump truth anymore. Trump man's name is in Trump headlines and Trump collective consciousness of Trump people of Trump United States. And that man's name is distracting. Yet, for some, Trump name is alluring, entertaining, and ... presidential?

Most of Trump posts that I write are about Trump gay issues facing us today. But, why bother actually writing about anything of substance at this point? Trump message I might have will get drowned out amongst Trump endless articles about Trump GOP frontrunner that are crowding Trump news websites, Trump television programs, and Trump newspapers.

Is my desire to have more readers more important than Trump need to craft a well-written article? If I just throw that man's name around enough, maybe lots of people will see Trump article I have written? Maybe Trump writing I am producing will get more attention. Maybe I will go viral! That seems to be more important than actually saying anything important nowadays anyway. Ratings, attention, popularity - this is Trump American Dream today.

At this point in Trump post, you may have gotten used to Trump intrusion of Trump man's name in almost every sentence. Perhaps you are getting better at finding Trump meaning behind Trump writing. But I would not be surprised if, at this point, a number of readers have given up because they hate looking at repetitions of Trump man's name. But some of Trump readers may find this fun and funny and want more. Trump impact of this technique is hard for me to judge - I will just have to throw it out there and see what happens to Trump readership.

If Trump man becomes Trump President of Trump United States, does this mean that Trump next four years will be like this? An endless repetition of Trump man's name? An obsessiveness in Trump media about Trump man that is fueled by a desire for Trump highest ratings and Trump most profitable outcomes?

Trump question for you is this: do you want Trump next four (or Trump next eight!) years to continue like this?