I Quit My 'Safe and Secure,' Salaried Manager Position at The Home Depot!

I Quit My 'Safe and Secure,' Salaried Manager Position at The Home Depot!
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So what? People quit jobs every day. True. If you've done it recently, why did you do it? The reasons can seem endless on the surface, but deep down... we all share the same desire which fuels the action of Change.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -- Mark Twain

From my graceful resignation letter:

I am in deep Gratitude to you for developing me as an ASM [Assistant Store Manager]...

Yet, I am not fully living my purpose. I came to you many months ago with my desire to go back home to the east coast in order to be near my family. I will become a grandfather for the first time in September... my only daughter is pregnant with her first child and she is 3,000 miles from here. You were and still are supportive of my desires for which I am in Gratitude...

I only seek to be positive and live a life of Peace. Ending up in the Emergency Room because of stress from Home Depot and learning my heart is that of a 25-year-old was a wake-up call as well as the times I passed out from busting my ass for the store and then being told, "Frucci, the associates cannot see you like this." I get that, but where is the compassion for the health of a fellow human being? Also, me getting a death threat from a customer which was determined by the SSC to be credible, is not something I am comfortable living with. I still to this day have to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure nobody is watching or following me. I am in Gratitude to [names removed] for coaching me the day it happened...

I do not have another job lined up. I am not seeking employment from any other company. I will be venturing out on my own path which will have nothing to do with a "hard box" retail store. I am an Artist, Published Author (Path of Three Hundred), Professional Speaker (the YPO/WPO invited and paid me to speak in Bermuda about my sailing adventure which is Path of Three Hundred and have listed me as part of their Speakers Bureau) and Coach... I am taking a Leap of Faith with my Purpose of helping my fellow humans from all walks of life to discover their True Self, Passions and Purpose so they can thrive and love living life as we all wish to do...

The video is dark for a reason: I was in a dark place as we all are before we ascend into Light.

Gratitude: We must be grateful for our experiences... even the ones which cause us pain... for in them all are lessons we can apply to the present and use them to create the future we so desperately desire. I am and I will.

Life Purpose: What is yours? Mine was buried so deep, I had to develop a meditation practice in order to find out. Thank God, I was divinely guided to arrive at a place in my heart where meditation was offering me to enter... so I did. Yes, it can be a scary thing to just let go of something seemingly safe and secure, but at what cost does one remain in a place which is toxic? Your life with your soul in tears.

Peace is on the other side of your horizon? I believed it was on the other side of mine. Yet now I realize as I write this piece, that it was here all along. It simply took a leap of Faith to see Peace. What are you doing right now about living your life's purpose?

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