I Scream “Uncle!”

Okay, that's it. I give in. I scream “Uncle!” Now, can someone please make this gazillion dollar ExxonMobil propaganda campaign go away? Enough already with the nonstop commercials and their lies that the company is "making the largest ever investment in independent climate and energy research that is specifically designed to look for new breakthrough technologies. It will take the very best minds.” Are these the same "best minds" that have spent the last decade churning out false information on global warming? The "best minds" that have been exerting undue influence on the administration's destructive energy and global warming policies (or lack thereof)? Really, it’s downright insulting. Even the unfailingly pro-business Wall Street Journal looks like it’s had enough.

The “if we say it, it must be so” PR strategy continues with the White House and the resignation of Phil Cooney, the oil industry lobbyist who tried to edit the truth out of government global warming reports. The Bush administration even expects us to believe that Cooney’s abrupt exit was actually long-planned. Yeah, right… if you consider five minutes after the New York Times broke the story of his editing abuses an extensive build up. And to show just how shameless these guys have gotten, mere days after Clooney announced his White House exit came word that he would soon be setting up shop at… you got it, Exxon. Man, talk about moving in with the widow right after the funeral. They no longer even wait until the body is cold. Uncle!!!!