I Shave To Keep The Romance Alive

Woman shaving her legs in bathtub
Woman shaving her legs in bathtub

Today is the first day of fall! No more shorts! Less dresses and skirts! No bathing suits! I won't have to whip out the razor as often! Hooray!

Oh wait. I now have a serious boyfriend now. Crap.

I'm guessing he doesn't particularly enjoy the "Chewbacca" look.

I like having clean shaven legs. They look better hairless and it makes me feel sexier and cleaner. But damn it, I'm 5'10", that's a tall drink of water and a lot of area for me to hit up with the razor.

Shaving my legs is possibly one of my least favorite jobs. It ranks right up there with cleaning the bathroom and emptying the litter box. I hate shaving, almost as much as I hate long-distance running.
I'm guessing laser surgery is out of the picture, with my stems it would probably cost as much as a down payment on a new car. Nair is always an option, but the smell of it makes me gag.

So I'll stick to doing quick touch up jobs when I'm in the shower, granted I miss a long patch or two, so it looks like I have some sort of awkward looking Mohawk on the back of my calf.

Other times I'm so tired I only manage to shave one leg. Every so often I really miss the mark and take off a good chunk of skin, usually around my ankle or Achilles heel area. That's always fun, watching the water turn red as it circles around the drain causing me to almost pass out.

Shaving sucks. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. There is nothing fun about it. You have to awkwardly bend over, becoming a human pretzel as you try and reach places you can't see. You're naked and you've got one leg up on the ledge of the tub while you try and zip a razor up and down. Usually one of the kids is banging on the door asking what's taking so long. Don't even get me started on the "bikini-area region" Take out a chunk of skin there and holy hell!

For those of you boycotting your razor this fall and winter I applaud, even envy you. There might be a few days here and there that my beau has to deal with "cactus leg" but this fall/winter I'm going to try and make a better effort.

I mean, I made the effort in the beginning of the relationship as far as shaving before our initial dates goes. And sure things have gotten a little more comfortable (sometimes there are audible farts in front of each other), but since he's really the only one who will be privy to my legs this fall/winter I will do him a solid and try to keep up with shaving my gams.

Avoiding having to braid the hair on my legs this chilly season is my way of keeping the romance alive.