Occupy Your Choice to Make a Difference

I believe the current times are forcing our hand to burn the candle from both ends, a common phrase that signifies one must work double-time from two ends of the same spectrum.
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At a time when the common theme is geared on "occupying," it is difficult to fathom why there is such an intense focus on politics, money, or content (SOPA), that takes priority over the fundamental understanding of the meaning of life and our most basic of needs: harmonious co-existence.

It has become painfully evident that part of our societal "systemic" epidemic is rooted in how our ego enjoys playing the drama of overcomplicating. We take great pride in embellishing anything from our home décor to the way we articulate our thoughts, thus taking us down a winding tangential stream leading out to Neverland.

How are we to connect with each other on any level when we can't congruently connect with our own self? And day after day our divine essence stands by on the sidelines waiting to be noticed. Moreover, how can we even begin to affect the world we live in if we continue to invalidate each other and over-extend our voices in an attempt to forge an impression upon another, thereby creating an atmosphere of fear and tension? This, in turn, does nothing more than further exacerbate our problems. It is no wonder our youth turns to alcohol, illegal drug use, sexual addictions, loud music, and other means of self medication in order to escape or drown their own brain activity amidst this kind of societal ruckus. All these are manifestations produced by the reflection of the "smoke and mirrors" surrounding any one person. Lamentably, as a society, we have done little to implement real and simple solutions to educate the public about holistic healing and self-empowering methods. As identified by Dylan Ratigan in his book titled, Greedy Bastards, we compensate the medical community by indirectly administering illness, thus tampering and disabling the sacred structure of "I."

I believe the current times are forcing our hand to burn the candle from both ends, a common phrase that signifies one must work double-time from two ends of the same spectrum. We must begin by doing a little soul searching; then turn our focus to teaching our children, our most valuable resource, to find the "subjective blueprint" we are imbued with, and arrive in this world holding tightly in our fist. We can attempt to deal with all our socioeconomic issues until we are blue on the face, but not until we start acting as "luminous stardust beings" (a phrase used by Deepak Chopra), will we even make a dent in our overall status. The efforts of any of our endeavors would be practically futile, as history repeats itself.

We are the keepers of the flame, the light we project is meant to radiate the entire universe. Isn't it time we learn to converge our efforts into being those lighthouses we were designed to be? If you are ready to commit to a simple and lofty cause, moving you towards a conscious shift, then take a look at your daily affairs and see how you can minimize the game your ego selects to participate in by overcomplicating matters. If your ego is in check, more power to you. If your ego has gone rampant, then it's time you take a stance. Square yourself eye to eye and declare a strike against this inner working agent. Feel the strength of your true intention for becoming aware of your own drama. When your ego attempts to rise from the dust to saddle up once more, stand on the cusp of your reactions and guiltlessly shout, "I shot the sheriff." (We won't tell Bob Marley that we pirated his lyrics.)

Occupy your choice to make a difference in this year of conscious shifts, let the power of One guide your passion. Awaken your senses to the gifts offered by the beauty and mystery of the world around you. Join me in taking on this mission as your very own by mentoring others along their journey of becoming luminous stardust beings. To show your commitment and enthusiasm for this cause, please help me in promoting this campaign by placing the words "I shot the Sherriff" on your Facebook wall or #IShotTheSherriff on Twitter with a link to this blog. Pierce through the resistance and your own fear looking foolish, and stand tall for a simple cause you believe in. It is time we begin building and embracing a planet where only the stars behold us.

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