I stand in love today

Double Rainbow in Iona, 2016
Double Rainbow in Iona, 2016

Like me, you may have watched changes happen today that shook you to the core. Like me, you may have felt despair. Sadness. Grief, for now undirected, but present nonetheless. Like me, you may feel the world as we know it has been changing rapidly in the past months.

And like me, you may have felt that the shift in power in - what is still our worlds most powerful nation - is a deeply saddening result of that.

In this moment, I choose to over and over repeat to myself a wisdom that we all share. And that is that Only Light can drive out darkness. And only Love can drive out hate.

We all know this, yet in times like this is it so easy to reinforce that which we do NOT want. To full on step into the drama and madness of it all by drowning ourselves in news feeds, talking and thinking only about how horrible it is what happened, and about what could be the result of this.

There is great comfort in outing our confusion and sadness, and in talking to people who share our beliefs and our feelings.

But this comfort comes at a high price.

Because adding our voice and our energy to drama and confusion, is actually reinforcing the negativity and hatred we all want gone. We are giving away our power to that which we fear most.

I know that what I am about to ask you is a lot, it is hard. Other people may not immediately understand.

But I know you have strength for it.

So I ask anyway.

For all of us, I ask you to please really BE the change you wish to see in the world. Please give your power to goodness, positivity and love today and in the time ahead. Please reinforce that which you want to grow and not that which you want die away. Consciously choose, in every moment of the day, to support light. To support love.

Choose it, over and over again.

And I know this will not make this drama go away.

But it will help us get back up and move forward into a direction we choose instead of a direction yesterday’s election pushed us into.

Let’s unite in love and light and ask each moment how it needs us to BE and what it needs us to DO, in order for us – together - to drive out that which we no longer want in our world.


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