I Support The Right Not To Stand - I'm Buying A Kaepernick Jersey

Enough is enough! I have to comment on this issue of, Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49'ers quarterback not standing up for the national anthem during his pre-season football games.

My father always taught me not to stay idle to abuses and I believe that all the media hype and social media criticism of Kaepernick actions makes it appear as if he is alone. Well guess what, he's not.

I strongly support the brother because it's issues like this that we can really see the ignorance and fear that so many people in this country posses. First of all standing up for the national anthem is not mandatory. Standing up for an anthem, putting your hand over your heart does not prove that you love America, or that you respect it.

I know of many people that stand up for the anthem, but don't vote, have never involved themselves in any civic, or community activity to help improve their neighborhood, their city, state and as a result, their country. Are they patriotic? Give me a break!

Standing up for the flag has been railroaded into making it synonymous with "love for America" and to "honor our veterans." You want to demonstrate more love for America? How about pumping more money into our decrypted educational system that has America lagging behind most students' scores around the world than standing up for an anthem.

I would love to see America love its college students more so that they would not have to graduate from a four year college owing as much as a mortgage. The students of today are the future of this country and that's where we should show our love, because they in turn would love America more by protecting our way of life.

I would rather honor our veterans by having the government and the private sector give them the best medical care, civilian jobs and decent housing than to question a persons loyalty for not standing up for the national anthem, or as in some baseball stadiums with the added seventh inning singing of "God Bless America."

It's a sad day in America when I see more Tweets, Facebook messages and other social media hype on Kaepernick's action of not standing up for the national anthem than seeing the same hype about the Trillions Of Dollars that the Pentagon cannot account for.

Colin and every American has the right to stand, or not for the national anthem. That is the meaning of a democracy and that is something that I will defend, the right for Colin Kaepernick not to stand. Let's get back to the game that keeps us all entertained and thus not concern ourselves with the major problems bubbling right underneath our streets.


I am a NY Giants fan, but I plan to support Colin Kaepernick by buying his jersey and wearing it every chance I get. I urge all my readers to do the same. Let's start a movement of support for Colin and buy his Jersey. This will be a clear, yet quiet clear way to show support for what this brave brother is doing