'I Survived': Dolphins Save Men Lost At Sea From Circling Sharks (VIDEO)

Tressell and his two friends are lucky to be alive, after spending more than a week lost at sea on a capsized fishing boat on "I Survived" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on Biography). With temperatures around 100 degrees most days, the men had to spend a lot of their time in the water to stay cool. But then six sharks started circling the boat and the men, making the water less inviting.

The men thought it was all over for them until, according to Tressell, "There was a pack of dolphins that came in and ran everything off." He said the dolphins stayed with them for an hour, and then left themselves. Luckily, on the eighth day they were found, after the Coast Guard had given up the search.

They admitted to hallucinating, though, so did the dolphins save them? Did the sharks save them? Were there any mermaids involved? Perhaps we'll never know.

"I Survived" tells more harrowing stories every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Biography.

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