I Walked Away


I walked away from fame and stepped into my heart yesterday. Today was the first day in over two weeks that I did not wake up with a pit in my stomach. I feel liberated. While many people would say that I denied an incredible opportunity, I say I welcomed the Divine back into my soul.

We all have egos. The reptilian brain that sits proudly on top of all the energy centers in our body known as Chakras. The Chakras can be rebalanced in many ways, but the little ego calls for help everyday. It is survival. The more spiritual teachers admit to battling the ego themselves, the more everyone benefits. We are one. Yes. I have had those perfect moments where I have seen the beautiful integration that takes place with everything in our world. Those moments after a long meditation when I feel absolute perfect bliss. They are miraculous. However, they are not sustainable on the earth realm. They are sustainable for the angels. Trust me. I know this because I have been to the other side and back. You and me ARE one. However, if someone messes with my inner child, my little ego comes out to play. God forbid anyone messes with one of my babies! And when I feel invisible, my ego cries out and asks to be loved and seen.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are working through the wounds from our childhood daily. We make mistakes. Even most of the beautiful spiritual masters have egos to contend with: get to know one of them personally, and you will feel less shame in your own life. (There are however a handful of true saints walking this earth, but they are quite rare). We are all human beings doing our best.

I write this article with authentic truth. My agent, producers and big time television executives may read it and say: "This girl is nuts." It may even pigeonhole me into being someone too spiritual for TV. However, I am learning to listen to my heart, and this little heart of mine is saying our world needs light, love and hope. Our world needs compassion. Maybe the world is not ready for my deep feeling heart, but I can't be commercial. I must be myself. Money and fame sound luxurious, but without alignment to the soul, they are simply things. I choose to shine from my radiance first.

Yesterday I walked away literally. I called my husband while he was sitting in the dentist chair and I told him... "I am walking off this ferry boat right now." The crazy thing that I observed was my fear of letting other people down. I was liberated and able to feel the freedom in each step; however, I still had phone calls to make. But, I did it. I walked away with love. I walked away from my ego and into my heart yesterday, and I urge you to do the same.

We can create miracles from the heart. Walking away is usually also walking through. Something beautiful is on its way and when it arrives it will bring happiness to you and me. Not only me and my little ego. That, my friends, is what life is truly about.

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