<em>I Want Your Money</em> Is the Anti-Michael Moore Film

Out of the blue comes a movie titled. It is the Republican answer to all those Michael Moore movies that drove them crazy.
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Out of the blue comes a movie titled I Want Your Money. It is the Republican answer to all those Michael Moore movies that drove them crazy. And just as those films gave the liberal point of view, this movie gives the conservative one. The point of the movie is that Obama is ruining the country and the only way to save it is to go back to Reagan's views and policies.

The maker of the film and the on screen narrator is Ray Griggs, who is as annoying in his manner as Moore is in his. Griggs has a bland exterior and speaks in almost a monotone. He provides some connectivity in the film with his monologues while ushering in people such as Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee to make some points.

The most enjoyable elements of the movie are the cartoon sequences. We get to see animated versions of Reagan, Obama, Nixon, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and others. In these cartoons Hillary is constantly chiding Bill for his lecherous ways, and Nixon is bemoaning his unfair fate.

Griggs and his band of supporters make a good case for the Republican candidates if you take everything they present at face value. The release of the movie at this time is obviously aimed at stirring people up and getting them out to vote in the mid term elections. Failure to do so, they opine, would lead to disaster.

There is no effort made in this film to be "fair and balanced" and it is obvious Obama is portrayed as the "bad guy." Reagan is the saint of politicians and the man who should inspire us all. Pelosi comes in for some ridicule about her supposed "underhanded" deals.

The film is rated PG for mild profanity and some adult humor.

The movie itself is not well made. It is tiring and tedious as it spells out the virtues of Republicans and the vices of Democrats. The only "entertaining" portions are the cartoon segments.

The film is totally biased in one direction, but it states that point up front so no one should be surprised. The film will certainly be eaten up by Republican supporters who may think they are finally getting their time to speak, so to speak. Republican leaders may want to load up theaters with their supporters so this film can fire up the troops. It is created to have that effect.

The bottom line is Republicans will love it, Democrats will hate it. Independents will be given some food for thought. Whether it will change anyone's mind or vote is unknown. As far as being entertaining, well this is movie making on the fly. It serves its purpose but that's all folks!

I scored "I Want Your Money" a penniless 4 out of 10.

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