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I Wasn't Born to Be a Spiritual Royal

When you get out of the line, off that track, into the path of the no path you embrace being able to enjoy a new art form of spirituality. One, that is powerfully centered in the now. One, that you can be the person you desire yourself to be now and make a massive difference instantaneously.
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I don't care that I won't be up there, on the stage to thousands maybe millions of people. Inspiring them to live their best life, to reach inside of themselves and bring out their best.

I never plan to acquire that status, where you are so well known you don't have to introduce yourself.

For me the spotlight has been something that doesn't interest me. I don't know what huge fame is like in the self help world, I can't even imagine it. A few times the thoughts have crossed my mind, to be up with the spiritual Royals such as Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte, Brene Brown or Gabby Bernstein. But I don't care for the status, I'm a true hermit at heart I guess.

I love learning, growing and evolving and of course helping others do the same. But my buzz doesn't come from the trips I have, the high up priestesses I meet, or the dollars doubling in my paypal account.

For those that know me know that I don't show up to the party to be the life of the party. If in fact I go to the party (big if already) then I will be the one sitting in the corner getting to know one or two people. That kind of fame, being the life of the party, travelling the globe, signing books and living the fantasy that I know so many people in the self help world aspire to just isn't me.

I'll never be in that land. The A list land of spiritual development celebrities making waves with eager fans ready to purchase their next book, program or event.

Pass me a book, give me a good sunny day and I will be out in the hammock enjoying some sunshine and soaking in my own energy instead.

Being an elevated spiritual leader doesn't interest me, in fact it doesn't interest many people. Here is what a few of my friends have to say:

"Because for me it's not about being in the spotlight or grabbing all the attention. Thats not what it's about. If that was my aim, I would not be doing what I am doing for the right reasons and that feels icky and not genuine."

Tess May Philip

"The Spiritual world is so vast, so unique to each individual. I have no need to believe that my spiritual beliefs are right for anybody but me. I need not convince anyone of anything. May we all find our own magic and grow that! And fame is a strange word as is Help, I don't believe anybody really needs help, we gotta find our own way!"

Jennifer MacFarlane

"Thinking back, the people who have made a difference for me did it by modelling, not by "helping". Can we even really "help"? I think showing up authentically is the best help we can give."

Kerry Vollherbst

"The idea of spiritual teacher and Guru is certainly up for review and brave are those that venture that way."

Sally Lakashmi Thurley

"I think because of the added pressure it brings to perform and increase of people wanting your help and not being able to without stretching yourself too thin.
I also wouldnt want to lose focus on what i am doing and why. Not interested in fame, just want to help make a difference in people's lives."

Melissa Jaye Holdway

If being an A list self help celebrity is what we need to be in order to change the world, you can count me out. I don't believe that all of us want to be up on that stage. Some of us are quite comfy walking our dogs and watching Falling Skies in bed with our fiancés.

For me, I would choose the sunshine over the stage any day.

If being small is a crime, then I am guilty as sin because 'heck no' do I want to be in the public eye. In fact I never wanted to get Facebook, until I was advised it would be in my best interest to have a business Facebook account in which I needed to have a personal account to open it with.

I prefer being off the radar than on top of the stage, making speeches to the millions.

I am coaching, teaching coaches and living my truth for the fun of it, for the minute of it. For the little bright things that happen in my day, for the lives that I change organically on the way. For the beauty that I charter in my every day being, and the small shifts that I help people make are of such great importance to me.

I'm humble, I'm down to earth and I am here to help regardless of whether I am small. But living the game of the spiritual development world is not a world I want to play in, as outlined in my article of why I am leaving the spiritual development world behind.

I ain't playing the game for the throne, the praise and the perfectness that I can showcase to the world (the perfectness that comes from the pedestal of fame).

I follow my heart, I help people and I do it with a subtle beauty.

You don't need to be a published author, world class speaker, master, authority figure, or a spiritual royal to make an impact in this world. You don't.

Begin here.

Begin today.

You are not competing in a popularity contest. You are not playing any game, except you are living your life. In living your life you need to find your own truth, and not worry about the worlds expectations and demands. If you want to help people, move them, make them feel differently, change their lives for the better, you can... and I know that you will. But you must begin today. It's a brand new page, a brand new story and the world doesn't wait for anyone.

The world doesn't care if you are a 'somebody' - Fame or no fame you can make a difference.

Every little thing that you have to offer you already have, it just takes a bit of digging and a whole lot of love and trust.

Screw being someone renowned, lets simply help people.

Help people for the pure joy of it, be authentically you and give from your heart, without the desire to be in the spotlight.

You can be a beautiful helper, a giver and loving presence in the world. Strip through the labels that you have to be 'someone' to make a massive impact on this world.

You can make an impact on anyone at any minute.

Everything is cool, when you get out of the line for the throne, off the mainstream track of having to be someone to make a difference in the world.

When you get out of the line, off that track, into the path of the no path you embrace being able to enjoy a new art form of spirituality. One, that is powerfully centered in the now. One, that you can be the person you desire yourself to be now and make a massive difference instantaneously.

To be noticed, admired and adorned? Hell no! Let me keep introducing myself.