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I Will Continue To March

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(Photo Credit: Laura DiMinno)

I participated in the Women's March in Washington, DC on January 21, 2017, and it changed my life.

In November 2016, after the election, I arranged to go, because I needed to do something and this march resonated with my desire.

When a dear friend asked me what my intentions were for going, I told her that it was way bigger than the fact that I was a woman who had two daughters. Somehow I knew that the reason would unfold for me as I marched.

And sure enough, it did.

This is what showed up for me:

Love is truly the most powerful frequency on the planet.

(Photo credit: Leigh-Ann Bedal)

As I stood among more than a million women, men and children, I could feel the energy of Love. It was palpable.

And yes, there were numerous expressions of righteous anger and appropriately so. Years of being suppressed, repressed and dismissed were finally given voice for our ancestors, for us, for future generations...and it was powerful.

I listened to the many speakers, and I learned about the Muslim community, the African-American community, the Jewish community, the LGBTQ community, the Native American community, and so much more.

And as I listened and learned, I could hear my bubbles burst - POP! POP! POP! - as I was being called to stretch and open my heart and mind even more. I was filled with gratitude and awe.

I was One with all.

(Photo credit: Leigh-Ann Bedal)

And then it was time to march.

(Photo credit: Leigh-Ann Bedal)

In a sea of people, signs, chants, costumes, props, and hats, I marched in proxy

for everyone,

with everyone,

in solidarity,

from all around the world.

Never before had I experienced something so peaceful, powerful, deep, and expansive as I marched among my sisters and brothers, all united in the vibe of justice and liberty for all.

(Photo credit: Leigh-Ann Bedal)

Each of us had our own stories and reasons for being there, but it was, above all, Love that fueled us.

We marched for

the Love of freedoms
the Love of humanity
the Love of justice
the Love of democracy
the Love of peace
the Love of harmony
the Love of safety
the Love of equality
the Love of health and well-being
the Love of prosperity
the Love of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants
the Love of science
the Love of education
the Love of diversity


And I found there was no resistance. Only yielding.

Yielding to the freedoms that are already ours and for ours to claim.
Yielding to the fire in our bellies pulling us into action for humanity.
Yielding to the power of Love.

(Photo credit: Leigh-Ann Bedal)

I can still feel the vibe of that day, alive and pulsating within me. I know we made a difference. We created an impulse of healing and transformation that will only gain strength and momentum with each new day.

"After [the] very peaceful global (60 countries and all 50 states) March, I am convinced that the Collective Consciousness is moving and changing... into light and love!!" - Marilyn Brookhart, Fellow Marcher in Denver, CO.

I can feel it. Can you?

I want to thank my dear friends, with whom I marched, for participating in manifesting this extraordinary day:

(Back row) Leigh-Ann, Elaine, Dominique, Jamie, Patti, Ann, (Front row) Lori, Yours Truly,

(Photo credit: Fellow Marcher)

Mari and Mike.

(Photo credit: Jasmine)

Without all of you and your contributions (hats, bags, snacks, water, heart-to-hearts, finding our "lost" one, driving, hospitality, and holding space for me), I wouldn't have been able to fully receive the impact of that extraordinary, historical day.

And thank you to my fellow millions of marchers around me and around the world. You restored my faith in humanity.

(Photo credit: Leigh`Ann Bedal)

(Photo credit: Leigh-Ann Bedal)

It is my commitment to continue holding the frequency of that glorious day for all for our highest good.

I will continue to march.

(Photo credit: Fellow Marcher)